Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why UKIP is wrong, wrong, wrong

UKIP's poster on the Lisbon debate:

This is hardly constructive on UKIP's part. The two David Cameron “quotes” (I don’t think he’s said “no referendum” yet, but whatever) do not actually contradict one another. It is clear enough from the first that he was promising a pre-ratification referendum.

Cameron can’t turn back the clock once he takes office; whatever EU policy he takes will have to work from the starting point that Lisbon is already in place. A referendum on the narrow subject of the Lisbon Treaty (given how far the EU has managed to interfere in our lives even before it was introduced) would, at this point, be redundant.

And it’s shameful that UKIP is going after Cameron for this when Brown and Clegg, who did not support a referendum when it would have actually made a difference, are the real traitors. It is completely ridiculous for them to attack ONLY the most eurosceptic of your opponents for not being eurosceptic enough, when just about everybody else in politics is doing everything they can to entrench the United Kingdom into a European superstate, breaking far too many manifesto promises of their own in the process.

Hat tip to Guido for the UKIP poster.

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