Monday, December 13, 2010

EMA protests kick off

Good grief. Educational Maintenance Allowance was only introduced a couple of years ago. And now it's seemingly introduced teenagers to welfare dependency. These protesters need to get a grip. Bribing these youngsters won't educate them, if they had any interest in further study they would just go anyway. Anyone who's attending college purely to receive EMA is just having their time wasted by the state when they could be entering employment or training.

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howgoodisthat said...

My son will be unable to complete his second year at college because we can't afford to send him without a bit of extra help. If you took the time to find out what the EMA means to low income families before publishing this, you would know that it represents the difference between hope that ones children might achieve their full potential, and watching them get stuck in the same rut as their parents. Having it taken away at the same time as increasing other already high costs is heartbreaking and cruel. There is no justification for it whatsoever.

The whole argument that says if you want something enough you'll work for it twice as hard is admirable. It's what made this country great. But when there aren't any jobs to work hard at, it insults that ideal and serves as an indicator of how those values have been hijacked by the greedy and wilfully ignorant.