Friday, July 30, 2010

BBC's balanced welfare coverage

Looking at how the BBC has reported reaction to Iain Duncan Smith's welfare initiative:

We're given reactions (both positive and negative) from only the following:
  • Will Hutton (left-wing)
  • Yvette Cooper (left-wing), speaking on behalf of Labour (left-wing)
  • SNP (left-wing)
  • Plaid Cymru (left-wing)
  • Brendan Barber (left-wing) speaking for the TUC (left-wing)
  • And a spokeswoman for the IPPR, which the BBC itself describes as "left-leaning".

Well if that's not what I call balance across the whole of the left-wing spectrum, I don't know what is! However, if we are to believe the BBC, nobody from the centre or the right of British politics has an opinion on this.

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Gion Twitter said...

You might want to check the meaning of left-wing. Anyway 1Bn from proposed child benefit cuts but overpaid bankers get 7bn in bonuses as defacto civil servants and noone says enough is enough?