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The Spectacular Spider-Man season two

Dunno when this starts but information for the episodes has been released. Unfortunately it's absolutely riddled with spoilers (really awful ones like the development of Peter's love life in lengthy detail) - so I'm reproducing them here with the really bad spoilers cut out. Word of warning though, it still includes spoilers for the end of season one, so if you haven't seen that yet, stop reading now!

If you really want to see the full descriptions (I recommend against this) they are here.

14 – Blueprints
It’s early December, and the first snow is falling. PETER PARKER has a long “To Do” list – leading off with talking to GWEN STACY about their surprise first kiss. But before he gets the chance, SPIDER-MAN has a run in with the sorcerer MYSTERIO.

15 - Destructive Testing
SPOILER CUT! Meanwhile, KRAVEN THE HUNTER has come to New York to make SPIDER-MAN his prey!

16 - Reinforcement
As Christmas approaches, the SINISTER SIX reconstitutes with SANDMAN, RHINO, VULTURE, ELECTRO and new members MYSTERIO and KRAVEN. All they want for Christmas is SPIDER-MAN – dead. SPOILER CUT!

17 - Shear Strength
It’s New Year’s Eve, and all is not right with world. The MASTER PLANNER and his henchmen are literally planning to take over the world! A highly motivated SPIDER-MAN takes the fight to the Planner’s secret lair. But once he gets there, can he survive?

18 - First Steps
School’s back in session, and things have changed. SPOILER CUT! Meanwhile, SPIDER-MAN has to party with SANDMAN, who’s once again looking to make his Big Score. And is that VENOM disappearing into the night?

19 - Growing Pains
VENOM is back and framing SPIDER-MAN. Meanwhile, alien spores infect JOHN JAMESON, increasing his size, strength and mass. J. JONAH JAMESON convinces his son to become a super-hero to capture Spidey…

20 - Identity Crisis

21 - Accomplices
A gang war looms as SILVER SABLE, HAMMERHEAD and DOCTOR OCTOPUS vie for a prize that could change the balance of power in the New York Underworld…

22 - Probable Cause
Some days, PETER PARKER just can’t win… especially when he winds up on a MIDTOWN HIGH police car ride-along with SALLY AVRIL. As SPIDER-MAN, his luck isn’t any better, facing off against SHOCKER, RICOCHET and OX, i.e. the NEW ENFORCERS.

23 - Gangland
SPOILER CUT! TOMBSTONE , DOCTOR OCTOPUS and SILVERMANE call a Valentine’s Day Summit . But SPOILER CUT! the summit erupts into a gang war – one only SPIDER-MAN can stop!

24 - Subtext
SPOILER CUT! MARK ALLAN. But when GREEN GOBLIN blackmails Mark into doing his bidding, neither LIZ ALLAN, MARY JANE WATSON nor SPIDER-MAN may be able to save him!

25 - Opening Night
To test security at the VAULT, SPIDER-MAN volunteers to try to escape. But the GREEN GOBLIN has other ideas, trapping Spidey inside RYKER’S amid a sea of felons he put away.

26 - Final Curtain


Anonymous said...

Best Spectacular Spider-Man episodes?

1. The one where Gwen Stacy gets captured by Sentinels and taken to an insanely out of control Robert Kelly who does things to her like punching her in the stomach repeatedly until she's on her hands and knees coughing out blood and then Robert Kelly kicks her in the face very hard to some more blood, all while he's calling her derogatory names like "slut" and "crack whore".
2. Harry Osborn has a job as a tour bus driver but the return of the Green Goblin complicates things as he attacks Harry’s route with Gwen Stacy clones in order to get back at Spider-Man. The ending is a real surprise and is worth it for that alone.
3. Spider-Man teaming up with the Black Widow and the Black Cat (both wearing their black leathers) with Black Cat showing jealousy issues towards Widow. All this while MJ (wearing black leather pants and jacket) gives Gwen Stacy a black leather skirt and tube top as the two have a quasi girl to girl experiment.
4. Speaking of leathers, Huey Lewis and his band uses instruments supplied by the Beetle to cause the people attending his shows to go on a riot. One of them being a leather clad Mary Jane Watson as she makes her debut in leather pants and jacket.
5. Johnny f’in Bravo gets some action from Gwen Stacy…and then (stupidly) dumps her later for the Stunner. This goes about as well as you might expect.
6. The White Rabbit hacks into the Bananarama girls state of the art tour bus (with them aboard) so she can crash it into the Mayor's new amusement park.
7. Spider-Man takes on his most hated foe yet…the CW version of Batman as apparently their hatred for each other is more important than stopping six Batman villains formed by Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin. All this while Sally Avril & Randy Robertson chases a leprechaun.
8. Ernie the Giant Chicken beats Gwen Stacy to a bloody pulp for 10 minutes making it the longest chicken fight ever.
9. Spider-Man vs. Chuck Norris and his Karate Kommandos. If you don't like this episode, you are not a true believer.
10. Ana Gasteyer gets killed............and NOBODY cares! Nuff said.

Worst Spectacular Spider-Man episodes?

1. The Green Goblin crashes into some ballroom and Spider-Man has the gall to say "That's an order" to him. If Spider-Man ever said that to me, I'd be GOING TO PRISON!
2. The Human Torch not teaming up against the Sandman as originally planned thanks to stupid copyright issues (again).
3. Spider-Man defeats Venom by tricking the Symbiote into coming back to him…and the stupid thing falls for it leading to it being captured with a PAPER BAG and then dropped (a half hour later from what it feels like) into quick dry cement. About as believeable as Paris Hilton releasing an album that sells more copies than Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
4. Spider-Man takes Lizard photos for the Bugle but forgets to use a pseudonym thus costing his job at the Connors lab. What an idiot!
5. Recreating the ENTIRE origin story from the movie bit by bit. Way to show off your originality there writers!
6. Speaking of origin stories, the time it was revealed that Black Cat's father of all people for crying out loud was the one who killed Ben Parker! I'd rather watch a WCW storyline where Sting and Goldberg become gay lover's including a segment where the Stinger is giving Goldberg the best hummer he's ever had, than put up with the idea that Black Cat's father was the one who killed Spider-Man's uncle!
7. Silver Sable: daughter of Silvermane instead of Alicia Silvermane. Did Michael Bay take over this show?
8. The Rhino is defeated due to a dehydration weakness. What in blue blazes?
9. John Jameson goes rouge after being infected by spores and then is locked up in a mental asylum. Are they insane? They just ruined one of the greatest characters of all time!
10. Making Montana of the Enforcers the new Shocker instead of Herman Schultz? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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