Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Screenwipe review

Oh man... that was the worst Screenwipe ever. I wondered if the show might have a shelf life, has it run out? The Brand/Ross item was the most imbalanced one-sided diatribe I've seen on the subject (the BBC should be ashamed really), it ignored the three most pertinent facts: it was an abusive personal attack on a private individual (so much for it being 'edgy comedy'), if anyone in any other walk of life had done it at their workplace they would expect to be sacked immediately (so much for overreaction), and the papers needed something a bit lighthearted to draw readers in during the sustained economic doom and gloom that have been dominating the headlines over the past few months.

This was followed by a rubbish poem from some bloke I'd never heard of about the same subject and the "overreaction". We then got five minutes of footage of Paul Ross reading from a book (or possibly autocue), occasionally overnarrated by Charlie Brooker making fun of him by pretty much just saying "he's just reading from a book".

Admittedly this led into a decent item about budget cuts in tv but overall it was a bitter disappointment that a show so fine has become something so poor. Oh, and Brooker has put on too much weight as well. (So has Liza Tarbuck...)

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